Regina was born and educated in Europe. It was there that she learned and practiced the unique style of skin care that her clients so appreciate.You can expect a level of care and see results from Regina that are not available from domestically trained estheticians.

REGINA EUROPEAN SKIN CARE has been in operation in San Francisco since 1995. Prior to that, Regina worked for Estee Lauder at I. Magnin and co., where she received additional training at the Estee Lauder facility in New York city.

She has also been employed by Adrien Arpel at the San Francisco Macy's store.

Because so many of her patrons urged her to open her own salon, she did so to better serve their needs. At her own salon, she is neither hampered by assembly line pressures nor controlled by the dictates of large corporation policy. She can do what all true professionals must do, and that is to put the needs of her clients before anything else.

If you have become dissatisfied with large scale salons, try REGINA EUROPEAN SKIN CARE. You will have a unique experience.You will see results you may not have thought possible.